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Gazette - DIM album review

July 19th 2009 07:49
Gazette's latest album, DIM. The first press limited edition comes with a poster.

Gazette, DIM, cover


1. Hakuri
2. The Invisible Wall
3. A Moth Under The Skin
5. Nakagen
6. Erica
7. Headache Man
8. Guren
9. Shikyu

10. 13 Stairs [-] 1
11. Distress And Coma
12. Kanshoku
13. Shiroki Yuu Utsu
14. In The Middle Of Chaos
15. Mousou
16. Ogre
17. Dim Scene


1. The Invisible Wall pv
2. The Other Side Of [DIM]

Gazette, Ruki, Uruha, Aoi, Reita, Kai


Most of you might have already listen to the album but for those who haven't listened to the album yet, you might be surprised that the album has 17 tracks altogether. Don't worry so much about the tracks because songs such as Hakuri, Erica, Shikyu, Kanshoku, and Mousou are only serves as the interludes between the songs. Hakuri makes a nice introduction to the album but the rest of the interludes are pretty darn weird to me. I believe that the reason why they include the interludes in between songs so then you grasp the songs without feeling lost. So let's take a look at the whole tracks in this album.

First off, I'd better start this with the singles which have included in this album. There is a slight change in Guren so the changes make you feel like a new song even though the song was released more than a year ago. If you haven't listened to the original song, you can check this post. As for other songs such as LEECH and Distress and Coma, they are the same like the single version so if you have no idea about this song, you can always check this post for LEECH and this post for Distress and Coma and Headache Man as well.

Now, we are left with the songs which are very new to us. I have to admit that these songs are very amazing because this is the kind of music that is totally different than their previous album, Stacked Rubbish. If you have listened to Stacked Rubbish, you will notice that Stacked Rubbish has lots of music variation. If you expect DIM would be similar like Stacked Rubbish, this is absolutely wrong. Honestly, when I listened to the album at first, I felt like most of the songs sound exactly the same even though the songs are composed by different people. Not just that, the album feels dry due to lacking of music variation.

This is what I think at first. After a few listens, I still find the album dry but I think they have brought a new definition for the ballad songs. Ballad songs such as Nakagen, Shiroki Yuu Utsu and Dim Scene are not the ordinary ballad song like Calm Envy from Stacked Rubbish. These songs are slow but it also has the dark feeling. Most people would think that ballad is a calming song but sadly ballad songs in this album don't work that way. It will only make you feel miserable even more.

As for 13Stairs[-]1, I feel like this song sounds similar like Cockroach and Ogre sounds like Discharge. Even though the songs sound similar like their other old songs, I believe this kind of songs will definitely sounds good during live.

If you're a huge fan of Reita, A Moth Under The Skin is a song you must listen because this song gives full attention to the bass sound so this is the song that you should listen and be proud of Reita's amazing bass skill. Mind you, I'm not Reita fan so he deserved such praise XD.

This album is great for those who love heavy music. Even though I find the album less appealing at first, I didn't hate the heavy music. To my surprise, it takes less time for me to get used with the music style compared to Stacked Rubbish. I think this must have something to do with similarity in each track. If you're asking me is it worth the money buying this album, I would say that it depends on who do you consider yourself. If you consider yourself as Gazette fans or about to be their fans, this album is really worth your money because the album speaks for itself. This album has a very good sound quality and the music is top notch despite of noisy and heavy music, so what else can you ask for? If you consider yourself as a consumer, it's still worth your money because of the reason that I've mentioned. However, if suddenly you feel like this album is a waste, then you can always opt the option of selling the album. Am I making sense? Well, yes I am.

Here's The Invisible Wall pv:

If you're interested with the album, you can get your copy here:

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